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Founded in 2021 by Floris Looij and later joined by Dennis Scheffers in 2023, The Hospitality Metaverse stands at the intersection of hospitality and innovative technology. Both Floris and Dennis possess deep expertise in venue finding, event management, and negotiations. Floris specializes in immersive technologies and 3D virtual tours, while Dennis contributes a distinct expertise in legal matters.

Together, driven by ambition and a shared vision, we aim to elevate the domain of venue discovery and digital presentation for the contemporary era.

Floris Looij, the mind behind The Hospitality Metaverse, has over 15 years of hands-on experience in both hospitality and technology. He’s worked with hotels and start-ups worldwide, gaining knowledge in business growth, tech solutions, and venue finding.

With experience in venue sourcing and crafting Matterport 3D virtual tours, he understands the nuances of both. Corporates planning events benefit from his venue finding skills, while hotels and venues appreciate the added dimension of his 3D tours. Driven by genuine passion for the hospitality sector and a curiosity for technology, Floris bridges the gap, providing solutions that resonate with event planners and venue owners alike.

Meet Dennis Scheffers, a dedicated professional at The Hospitality Metaverse, where his passion for hospitality and events converges with a unique blend of skills. With a rich background on the supplier side, Dennis possesses a deep understanding of event nuances. His expertise in venue finding, coupled with his meticulous contracting and negotiation expertise, ensures a sophisticated balance between legal acumen and hands-on event management.

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