In the bustling intersection of hospitality and technology, we’ve carved our niche as a global venue sourcing agency and a creator of Matterport 3D virtual tours. For venue finding, we cater to corporates eager to organize standout events, adeptly securing prime locations and negotiating the most favorable deals. Meanwhile, our Matterport 3D tours are tailored for hotels and venues, providing an immersive snapshot that revolutionizes their digital presence. By fusing our passion for the hospitality industry with cutting-edge technology, we offer unique solutions that cater to both event organizers and venue providers.

Our Services

Immersive 3D Tours

The Hospitality Metaverse offers expert guidance on state-of-the-art Matterport 3D technology for meetings and events. Our focus on immersive solutions not only enhances venue sourcing but also fosters business development.

Worldwide Venue Sourcing

The Hospitality Metaverse is a Professional Worldwide Venue Sourcing Company, specialising in site selection and contract negotiation for any type of Conference, Meeting, Incentive or Special event.

Blog & News

360° photography

Panora Studio

Panora Studio is the production studio of The Hospitality Metaverse. All our 3D virtual tours for remote site inspections are produced with cutting-edge Matterport technology.

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360° photography

A Special Offer for Your 2023 Budget

Boost Hotel and Event Venue Sales and Sustainability in 2024 with Matterport & ViewzAI. Discover our special end-of-year offer to transform your customer engagement and embrace eco-friendly practices.

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Google streetview vs Matterport 3D
Virtual tour

Matterport 3D vs. Google Streetview

Exploring the intricacies of virtual tours: Matterport 3D vs. Google Streetview. Dive into a head-to-head comparison, unpacking their strengths and limitations in the hospitality sector. Discover which platform reigns supreme and why. Elevate your venue’s virtual presence.

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