Discover how digitising venue selection can revolutionise your approach in the MICE industry. Learn about the power of 360° photos, the efficiency of digital twins, and the benefits of qualifying leads digitally. Dive into our comprehensive guide and step into the future of event planning.

Digitising Venue Selection

1. Introduction: Embracing the Digital Shift

As we propel further into the 21st century, technology continues to mold and evolve our everyday experiences, and the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) industry is no exception. Among these digital transformations, the shift to digitised venue selection emerges as a game-changing innovation. This guide will walk you through why and how to transition to digital venue selection for the MICE industry.

2. The Power of 360° Photos

The heart of digitised venue selection lies in leveraging 360° photos. Unlike conventional photos, 360° photos provide a panoramic view of the venue, giving potential clients a holistic, immersive experience. This ‘pre-experience’ allows clients to navigate through different sections of the venue as though they are physically present, significantly enriching their understanding of the space and making the decision process more efficient.

3. How Digitised Venue Selection Saves Time

Time is of the essence in the MICE industry. By digitising venue selection, event planners can virtually tour multiple venues in a fraction of the time it would take to visit them in person. They can also host multiple inspections simultaneously, significantly streamlining the venue selection process and never having to worry if the meeting room is available to showcase. This means more time can be spent on perfecting other aspects of the event.

4. Qualifying Leads and Enhancing Customer Experience

Digitising venue selection does more than just save time; it also helps qualify leads more effectively. By offering potential clients a realistic pre-experience, you can gauge their interest and intent better. Those who engage more with the digital tour and show interest in specific features of the venue are likely more serious leads. Additionally, this tailored approach enhances the customer experience, making them feel more valued and understood.

5. Cost Efficiency with Digital Twins

Enter the world of ‘digital twins’ – a digital replica of a physical venue. Utilising digital twins not only reduces the cost associated with physical site inspections, including travel and maintenance, but also allows for easy modifications to the venue layout. Need to change the furniture arrangement or the decor for a particular client? With digital twins, these changes can be made at zero physical cost, saving money while showcasing a personalised experience for each client.

6. Conclusion: Digitised Venue Selection - The Future of the MICE Industry

As the MICE industry continues to adapt and evolve in the digital age, it’s clear that digitising venue selection is more than just a trend—it’s the future. It offers potential clients an immersive, personalised pre-experience that saves time and costs while effectively qualifying leads. So why wait? It’s time to step into the future and digitise your venue selection process.

Use Case 1: The Event Planner

Meet Sarah, an event planner at a multinational corporation. With the responsibility to coordinate various events globally, Sarah was struggling to manage the increasing demands. Travel costs were also escalating due to multiple site visits, and it was an immensely time-consuming process. This is when Sarah discovered a platform offering digital venue selection services for the MICE industry.

Equipped with 360° photos, this service allowed Sarah to have a virtual walk-through of prospective venues right from her office. She could engage with the space, examining the layout and the facilities in real time, just like a physical visit. The pre-experience provided her with the insights she needed to make confident decisions without leaving her office.

This digital solution enabled her to save significant time and cut down on travel expenses. She could conduct venue inspections in quick succession, interacting with venue salespeople and posing inquiries directly. The digital twin of the venue allowed Sarah to customize the space to align with her company’s needs, making her proposals to her bosses more compelling.

Sarah’s story showcases the transformative power of digitizing venue selection. It’s not just about adopting cutting-edge technology; it’s about streamlining the entire event planning process, reducing costs, and making life much easier for event planners.

Use Case 2: The Hotel Salesperson

James is a hotel salesperson, always busy juggling multiple tasks at once. His job was to promote his hotel’s event spaces, but the traditional approach was proving inefficient and time-consuming. One day, he decided to give the digital venue selection platform a shot.

With this, James could present his hotel’s event spaces using 360° photos to prospective clients without requiring them to physically visit the hotel. Clients could visualize the layout, lighting, decor, and even adjust the furniture setup according to their preference. The pre-experience aided the clients in visualizing their event in the venue, leading to quicker decision-making.

James could now accommodate more tours in a day since he could schedule them in quick succession. While each tour required individual attention, this digital solution allowed him to increase the number of tours he could handle. His ability to interact with different clients directly, answer their questions in real time, and effectively qualify leads was greatly enhanced.

Moreover, the digital twin of his event spaces allowed James to offer personalized solutions to clients. This digital innovation made his sales pitch more appealing, leading to higher conversions.

For James, the experience with the digital venue selection platform was nothing short of revolutionary. It wasn’t just about showcasing the venue in a new way. It was about improving efficiency, boosting sales, and elevating client interactions in the MICE industry.

THM can help you get started with digitising your venue!

The Hospitality Metaverse has experience with multiple platforms for virtual site inspections. We are more than happy to help you with selecting the best platform for your business needs. Reach out to us to schedule a call to discuss opportunities!

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