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Matterport 3D

Matterport 3D virtual tours revolutionise the hospitality industry. They offer guests immersive pre-experiences of venues, ensuring they make confident bookings. From hotels to event spaces, Matterport brings clarity, engagement, and a modern touch, transforming how we explore and select our next destination.

Panora Studio is our dedicated production studio for Matterport virtual tours and 3D scanning. 

Matterport 3D for Hospitality

We’ve been in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) business for over 15 years now and we know the ins and outs of sourcing suitable venues for successful events.

Matterport 3D tours revolutionize venue finding by offering immersive, lifelike walkthroughs from anywhere in the world. These virtual tours enable planners to experience a venue without physically visiting, saving time and resources. By showcasing every detail, Matterport ensures informed decisions, reduces unnecessary site visits, and enhances the selection process.

Direct Benefits for Hoteliers, Event Planners, and Travel Agencies:

  • Increased Bookings: Virtual tours are not mere gimmicks. They lead to genuine interest and consequently, increased bookings. When customers get a transparent view, they trust the service more.

  • Time & Cost-Efficient: Say goodbye to countless site inspections. Potential clients can finalize venues or rooms without multiple physical visits. This cuts down on operational costs and saves time for both parties.

  • Sustainability Angle: In an age where carbon footprints matter, offering a virtual tour reduces unnecessary travel, contributing to eco-friendly practices.

  • Qualified Leads: By the time a potential client contacts you after a virtual tour, they’re genuinely interested. This means fewer cold leads and more conversions.


How does it work?

1. Initial Consultation: Before diving into the creation process, our team at The Hospitality Metaverse meets with the client to understand their specific needs and how best to showcase their venue.

2. Site Visit: Our experts, equipped with the latest Matterport Pro3 camera, visit the venue. This camera is specifically designed to capture spaces in high definition, ensuring every detail is preserved.

3. 3D Capturing: As we walk through the venue, the Pro3 camera captures 360° images in every direction. It meticulously maps out the space, documenting every nook and cranny, ensuring viewers get an immersive feel of the place.

4. Data Processing: Once the capturing is complete, the data is uploaded to the Matterport platform. Here, it’s processed and transformed into a seamless 3D virtual tour, allowing viewers to walk through the venue from the comfort of their screens.

5. Interactive Features: With the 3D model ready, we add interactive elements. This can include informational tags, embedded videos, and links to relevant web pages, making the tour not just visually appealing but also informative.

6. Review & Final Touches: Before finalizing, we present the virtual tour to the client for review. Feedback is gathered, and necessary adjustments are made to ensure perfection.

7. Integration & Sharing: Once approved, the 3D tour is ready to be integrated into the client’s website, shared on social media platforms, or sent directly to potential customers. Its compatibility across devices ensures viewers can access it anytime, anywhere.

The Result? A visually stunning, interactive, and informative Matterport 3D virtual tour that offers viewers an unparalleled virtual experience of the venue, maximizing engagement and bookings.

Whether it’s a grand ballroom, a cozy restaurant, or a sprawling resort, The Hospitality Metaverse, combined with Matterport 3D virtual tours technology, ensures your space is showcased in its best light. Experience the future of venue showcasing with us!

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