Google streetview vs Matterport 3D
Exploring the intricacies of virtual tours: Matterport 3D vs. Google Streetview. Dive into a head-to-head comparison, unpacking their strengths and limitations in the hospitality sector. Discover which platform reigns supreme and why. Elevate your venue's virtual presence.

Matterport 3D vs. Google Streetview tours

Imagine the scene: You’re an event planner or hotelier, standing on the precipice of a digital revolution, eager to showcase your venue in its full glory. The world is moving towards virtual tours, and you’re caught between two major contenders: Matterport 3D and Google Streetview. Let’s dive deeper, comparing the nuances of both platforms, to unveil the best choice for the hospitality sector.

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1. Introduction: The Heavyweights of Virtual Viewing

Google Streetview, born from the tech giant Google, has dominated the panoramic visualization space for years, seamlessly integrating with the omnipresent Google Maps. In contrast, Matterport 3D has carved its niche, specializing in creating deeply immersive spatial walkthroughs. Each caters to varying needs and budgets, but which truly resonates with the requirements of the hospitality industry?

2. Precision Meets Experience

Central to Matterport’s offering is its groundbreaking use of laser scanning. This technology manifests as the ‘Dollhouse’ view, a distinctive 3D representation of spaces that is almost tangible. Such intricate mapping doesn’t merely present an image; it invites users into the venue, further enriched by its ability to provide pinpoint measurements and a digital twin model.

Meanwhile, Google Streetview banks on its widespread familiarity. As a key player in Google’s array of services, it’s intuitively accessible and easily integrated into many existing systems. It offers a more basic yet straightforward visual tour, sans the extra detailing but with the reliability of a globally recognized platform.

Example of a Matterport Dollhouse:

Matterport 3D Dollhouse

3. Bird’s-Eye vs. Street-Level Views

The precision of Matterport is again evident when it comes to detailed overviews. Its ability to sketch comprehensive floor plans is invaluable for larger establishments wishing to communicate the complete layout to potential customers. Google Streetview, in contrast, remains loyal to its primary objective – offering panoramic, street-level insights without the added aerial perspective.

4. Interactivity: Engaging the Modern User

One of Matterport’s shining assets is its interactive markers, known as Mattertags. These allow venues to enrich tours further, embedding informative links, videos, or promotional materials right within the tour. Coupled with its VR compatibility and integration with third-party tools, it sets a high bar. Google Streetview, though less interactive, finds strength in its simplicity and its seamless integration with the wider Google ecosystem.

5. Budgetary Considerations

Google Streetview scores high on cost-effectiveness. Especially for smaller businesses or those merely dipping their toes into virtual tours, Streetview provides a more economical entry point. It offers a no-frills but effective visualization.

6. Head-to-Head roundup

In the fiercely competitive world of virtual tours, both Matterport and Google Streetview present powerful offerings. However, their strengths lie in different areas. Here’s a quick, head-to-head roundup:

Matterport 3D:

  • Laser Scanning and Point Cloud: Provides the Dollhouse view, offering a detailed and tangible 3D representation of spaces.
  • Precision Measurements: Offers the ability to make pinpoint measurements, ideal for planning and showcasing spaces.
  • Interactive Engagement: Mattertags allow venues to embed additional information, links, or videos right within the tour.
  • Comprehensive Overviews: Detailed floor plans present the complete layout of spaces.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Strong third-party tool integration capabilities, coupled with VR compatibility.
  • Quality: Enhanced high-definition visual experience.

Google Streetview:

  • Familiarity: Backed by the globally recognized Google platform, ensuring widespread reach and reliability.
  • Accessibility: Seamless integration with Google Maps makes it readily available and intuitive to users.
  • Simplicity: Offers a straightforward visual tour without overwhelming additional features.
  • Cost-effective: More budget-friendly, providing an economical entry point for businesses new to virtual tours.
  • Global Reach: With its linkage to Google Maps, it naturally has a wider global reach.

When it comes to the hospitality sector, the choice ultimately hinges on the depth of engagement a business seeks to offer its clientele. Google Streetview is a solid, cost-effective option that caters to those looking for a simple yet globally recognized visual representation. However, Matterport 3D emerges as a tour-de-force for those who wish to present a more immersive, interactive, and comprehensive view of their spaces.

In the end, while Google Streetview’s affordability and simplicity hold value, Matterport’s 3D detailing and engagement tools give it a marked edge for those in the hospitality industry aiming to provide an elevated experience. As the digital realm continually evolves, standing out becomes vital. With Matterport, venues don’t just show spaces; they create experiences.


7. Final verdict

Google Streetview

    • Pros: Cost-effective, Simple, Global Recognition
    • Best for: Basic Visibility

Matterport 3D

    • Pros: Immersive, Interactive, Detailed
    • Best for: Elevated Experience


    • Affordable & Simple: Google Streetview
    • Immersive & Engaging: Matterport 3D

Key Takeaway: Matterport crafts experiences, not just spaces.

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Example of a Matterport Dollhouse:

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